About me

I am currently undertaking a years study of printmaking and developing my artistic practice, thanks to ACE accepting my application for a DYCP grant. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, I am more than excited about what developments this year will bring for my artwork and more!

Having re-engaged with my love for artistic expression in 2020, I have explored various media including fineliner drawing, acrylic and oil painting, printing and experimenting throwing these things together. 

My fine liner work is highly detailed and pieces often take days or weeks to complete. I enjoy working on landscapes and buildings in ink, the high contrast and ability to work into complex architecture creates some striking imagery. Rendering the piece is always an interesting challenge and ink is so versatile in creating different textures and tones there are plenty of techniques to explore.

My Printwork is presently in learning and development/experimental stages. Subject matter consists of landscapes and man made structures. Influenced by a combination of nature and my surroundings and Industrial art and music, my work often contains bleak and contrasting imagery, structures imposing on the landscape and oppressive overtones.  Conversely I don’t like to be too serious and try to make prints with a sense of fun, abandonment and recklessness I feel unable to express in other media. 

In June 2022 my Ghostbusters Firehouse artwork was spotted on Etsy by Jason Reitman and used as the backdrop for his announcement of a fifth Ghostbusters film. I made a run of 100 Limited Edition prints which sold out in the first two days of going up for sale! I am very happy to be a little part of Ghostbusters history!

Previous corporate clients include Ghostcorps at Sony, Greene King pubs, Blue Anchor, Helston, Analog Shop – Lancaster.

Stockists include: Kemble Gallery – Durham, Beach Bird – Morecambe, Tourist Information – Lancaster and Morecambe, Etsy

All enquiries to hannah.corbett@hotmail.co.uk, please include a photo for any commission enquiries! . Visit my social media for more examples of my work: Instagram @corbett.ink Facebook: Corbett Ink

I hope you like what you see and thanks for the support!