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August 2023

So August has been all about exhibitions and getting stuck into trying to improve my inking skills! I’ve spent many a frustrated hour at Ironpress trying to learn how to create clouds and drama/atmosphere…which then kinda morphed together into mushroom clouds and visions of Bikini Atoll during those underwater nuclear tests they did there. I will share these prints with you, although I don’t really like any of them in full, just parts here and there! I do however firmly believe that the next print will be ‘the one’ and I will have cracked it!

So there you have it! It’s a learning curve! I’ve learned about things like atmospheric perspective, dabbing on, wiping off in various ways, using greyscale instead of just black, printing the mono and drypoint in two separate stages and how to translate that badly into a print haha, although seriously, I think some of the pieces are coming together…. just need a bit more time to figure out how to use the white spirit more effectively…do everything more effectively!

In other news this month was the opening of Luneside’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition, which I was very happy to be a part of, and also I was out hanging September and October’s Whaletail Exhibition. I wasn’t expecting to be exhibiting in two places in Lancaster at once but here we are 🙂 I like to be busy!

Luneside at the Storey Gallery

August had also been a very admin heavy month, getting my head properly round the DYCP grant and booking and putting things into place for the coming months, looking forwards to another wood engraving workshop at Ironpress in September. Provisionally booked up for Lancaster Art Fair 2024 as well!

I have too many ideas for work than there are hours in the day, I’m in the midst of prepping work to make a selection of photoetching plates , all very exciting and I can’t wait to see how it goes… check in and find out..