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June 2024

June! The last month of my DYCP year, and what a year! My prints have improved massively, I’ve learned so much and I’ve had the best time!

I’ve just finished the last of my prints for my Dukes exhibition and will be hanging that in July. I’ve had my last workshop of the grant as well and I have to say I used to opportunity to make something just for me 😀 no apologies for these, both inspired by my favourite recording artist J.G.Thirlwell and now sitting happily on the wall of my studio…

The black and white woodcut is the image from last month as promised. Hopefully after alllll these images I can finally say I have the bug of making artworks of Williamson’s power station out of my system…. but somehow I doubt it!

So I did manage a few artworks this month but mainly my time was taken up making slides and organising workshops for the Art Fair and getting everything framed and prepared for my Dukes exhibition….it takes a long time framing and packing prints haha. Anyway, I’m going to keep it short and sweet this month, enjoy the pictures!