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November 2023

November has been a fun month! I got lots of new photographs to work from (find some in the photography section) and I think the direction I’m looking to take my work is becoming more clear to me. I am not setting out with a specific plan but it seems I’m more and more drawn to industrial areas or creepy abandoned places. I got some fantastic pictures inside the old Williamsons Power Station which as of early December has sustained a massive fire…. it’s fate remains to be seen!

I have been working on a couple of Etchings and also some more Monotype after last months successes. I think my inking is improving and I’m finding it easier to know what I need to do with a plate to achieve the result I’m looking for.

So happy with the beach effect I managed to get on the Heysham print, and the lovely green glow on the horizon…perfect!

Enough is enough, graffiti in Morecambe (Left) and Rubbish piled inside Williamsons power station (now all burned up). Can’t get enough of those neon colours…

November also contained a Collagraph workshop with the wonderful Jenny McCabe, looking at working with shaped plates. Worked on an image of Battersea Power Station and a tiny image of the inside of a plug, that was a hectic day and I feel the plate still has some room to be reworked and perhaps attempt to increase the images contrast! I find Collagraph fascinating and am in awe of some of the effects people are able to achieve using it, I intend to keep looking for images that will hopefully lend themselves well to the process and work on some more plates!

I also went on a screen printing workshop at Assemble arts which was ….. frustrating because its screen printing haha, but I’m in love with some of the prints I ended up with. This was from a photograph taken in the old Williamsons power station, we lost a fair bit of detail from the original image and the screen printed quite dark… but hey! Turn out that makes for a really dramatic piece, especially when combined with acrylic ink backgrounds 🙂

So there we have it, most of the fun things that happened in November…. the rest is just admin ha