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April 2024

April has been a very paperwork heavy month! I didn’t even get into Ironpress once, with half term at the start of the month and Lancaster Art Fair admin at the end.

I did get to Port Talbot to take pictures of the soon to be closed steelworks. I wanted to get a sense of what it was like to live so close and how big of an area the place encapsulated. Took some lovely photos that will become artworks in due course! I also got back up to the North East and got some more up to date pictures of Seaham and Blast Beach, went searching for sea glass and ended up with a little haul of glass, sea coal and bright orange rocks and pebbles coloured from the years of industry.

So that was half term over with and back to the routine. Got some work done on promo materials for Lancaster Art Fair 2024, released the open call for artists which received a healthy response. Then I spent some time applying to other art fairs and print competitions, really trying to be proactive and get my work out there for people to see. I spent more time revising my artists bio for the millionth time, every time I put one out it seems out of date so quickly! Anyway, there are lots of potential things on the horizon, I wonder which ones will come to fruition!

One of the applications that went out this month was to Lancaster BID to ask for funding towards the fair, they very generously offered to fund some workshops which is fantastic as we can make sure there are more opportunities available for our artists. Coming up to a busy period soon as my dukes exhibition is quickly approaching in early July so I have two big tasks on my hands, which is great because I love to be busy haha!