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March 2024

March has been another busy month, had my two day one-to-one workshop with Jenny Gunning which was an absolute highlight! I’d been having such issues with photoetching and solar plates that I had felt like giving up on them….only thing was I did have a set of amazing photos that I was dying to make…

Jenny was amazing and I managed to make a huge 9 plates while there, I’m not going to put them all up here as I’m keeping some to release down the line. She gave me some great advice on how to move forwards as an artist and I have been sending out some of these prints into the world applying for different events so wish me luck!

I have also been progressing with Consett Steelworks this month and made an etching of one of my favourite views, the challenge has been inking it in the way my mam had described the light from her childhood! Very happy with the results and this one is a lot of fun to play with!

Again, these ideas set others off in motion and in April half term I’m off to Port Talbot the see the steelworks there before they close. Also back off to the north east to take another look at some of those amazing beaches still marked by the industry that used to thrive there! Exciting times!

I’m also grinding into gear to get started on this years Lancaster Art Fair 2024, funding applications and in and the open call is soon to be announced!